Bringing innovative solutions to a complex environment.

The means and methods of generating and supplying the energy to power the world are rapidly evolving. Graycor Southern Inc. is helping clients stay ahead by building cleaner ways to burn, and greener ways to help our clients energize the nation.

Graycor Southern Inc. long-term relationships with many of the power industry’s leading corporations is a result of our total commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of their market.

Graycor Southern Inc. specializes in providing progressive management, aggressive scheduling and the kind of forward thinking required to keep our power clients on the cutting edge. Our team handles a full complement of construction services, including balance-of-plant work for environmental, new generation, and alternative fuel plants.

Nothing can undermine an effective outage schedule faster than accident or injury. That is why Graycor Southern Inc. has assembled the highest level of trained and skilled supervision in the industry.

Graycor Southern Inc. excels in large pressure part replacement projects for Coal-Fired and CCGT customers in the Power market. Our expertise extends to structural steel replacements and modifications, Boiler/HRSG repairs and alterations, ductwork and header replacements, high-energy piping repairs and other balance-of-plant services. Graycor Southern Inc. is also skilled at equipment setting, alignment of complex rotating equipment and installation/repair of material handling systems.

Our expert teams are capable of executing the most demanding of projects and getting our customers back on-line safely and on time. The more complex the rigging or piping demands, the more our customers see the value Graycor Southern Inc. brings to the project.


Bringing Proven Safety and Quality Solutions

To Schedule-Driven Outages

John Trussell

Operations Manager

Key Market Contact