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Technology In Industrial Facility Construction And Operations

Graycor’s Weston Tanner recently addressed the use of technology in industrial facility construction in an article, Technology in Industrial Facility Construction and Operations that appeared in Construction Executive.

From BIM and laser scanning to mobile apps and drones, technology is impacting the planning, construction and operation of industrial facilities. Keeping up with the latest developments can be difficult—but part of successfully adapting to change is understanding what’s new and taking steps to integrate useful technologies into company culture and workflow. Whether it’s using robotic vehicles to lower the cost of topological mapping and site planning or using drones to conduct inspections and improve worker safety, companies should make a habit of carefully reviewing—and adopting—helpful technologies.

Evaluating technologies is complicated by the fact that many have proven track records in some applications but are not living up to expectations in others. This is because development and adoption of technology does not happen in a linear fashion—not for companies and not for the industry at large. In fact, for more than two decades the industrial and construction industries have seen waves of new technology hit the market and with each wave, there has been a tendency for everyone to get overexcited in the short term while underestimating long term effects.